Semalt: A Successful Online Business

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Semalt?
  2. Why Semalt?
  3. Semalt Team: Experts at Your Service
  4. An Introduction to Digital Marketing Services
  5. Successful Businesses with Semalt. How?
  6. Semalt Success Stories
  7. Semalt Facts
  8. The Bottom Line
Every new update from search engines grips business owners with fear of the unknown. A common question surfaces all over – “How to rank my website on the first page of Google?”
To rank a website on the first page of a search engine, you need to focus on different SEO factors. As every business owner cannot master the art of SEO, many Digital Marketing Agencies promise to help them.
It sounds good, but only a few agencies can be trusted when it comes to ranking a website on the first page of any search engine. Nowadays, a name behind the success of many online businesses is Semalt. Continue reading to find out more about it.

What Is Semalt?

Semalt was founded in 2013 as a premier IT company. Its headquarter is present in Kyiv, Ukraine. 
It offers highly efficient Internet Marketing Services at an affordable price. Semalt aims its services at business owners, marketing experts, analysts, and webmasters all over the world.
Primarily, Semalt offers the following:
  • High-quality SEO Promotion
  • Web Development
  • Promotional Videos for Businesses
  • Website Analytics

Why Semalt?

To find whether a Digital Marketing Agency is efficient or not, find out which unique benefits its clients get. Besides scaling your business to new heights, here are some more benefits you get from Semalt:
  • Talented professionals are available 24x7
  • Served over 300,000 customers
  • Highest quality services offered at the lowest price
  • Flexible discount system surprises customers

Semalt Team: Experts at Your Service

Digital Marketing Agencies can deliver great results each time if they have a team of creative, talented, proactive, and motivated minds.
Semalt is proud to have a team full of these qualities. With the Semalt team, you get over 115 of the best minds from the industry at your service.

These experts first understand the needs of your business and then combine technology with their experience to give you fruitful results.
Their combined effort boosts the online presence of your business. Your prospective customers can find your website at a higher position in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

An Introduction to Digital Marketing Services

To understand Semalt and its services, it is crucial that you know, at least, the basics of Digital Marketing.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of optimizing the content of a website so that it ranks higher in the organic listings of search engines.
In SEO, there are you, search engine, and the person searching for something. You may be a business owner/ marketing expert/ analyst/ webmaster, and the search engine is often Google.
Suppose that you wrote a blog post describing the benefits of water fasting. And, you want search engines to show it as the top result when anyone searches for the keyword, water fasting benefits.
For that, you should optimize the blog post. Google will display it as one of the top results when someone searches for that keyword.
For a better understanding of SEO, refer to the must-bookmark SEO guide for beginners. 

What is Website Analytics?

It is the process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting the data of a website. It helps the business owners to understand and enhance the efficacy of their website.
Through Website Analytics, business owners learn about these behaviours and activities of visitors on their site:
  • How many people visited the site?
  • Was it their first visit, or are they returning visitors?
  • How long did they stay on the site?
  • How many pages they accessed?
  • Which pages they accessed?
  • How they arrived at the website – through a link or directly?
And, much more.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an advanced security technology that connects a web browser and a web server through a secured link. 
Usually, the data transferred between web servers and browsers is in the form of plain text. If hackers take away the data sent between a web server and browser, they can misuse it.
SSL makes sure that every piece of data transferred between a browser and a web server remains private. For better understanding, go through the Beginner's Guide to SSL: What It Is & Why It Makes Your Website More Secure.

What is Link Building?

It is the process of securing suitable links from other websites to your site.
The objective of the Link Building process is to direct more high-quality links to your website. It increases the likelihood that your website will rank higher on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
For more information on the Link Building process, you can go through this Wikipedia page.  

Successful Businesses with Semalt. How?

The product portfolio of Semalt has many Digital Marketing Services. Advantage business owners get when they choose Semalt is that most of its services fit the needs of businesses.
The major ones are:


AutoSEO is a unique SEO tool made for business owners/ marketing experts/ analysts/ webmasters who:
  • Want to increase their online presence and sales
  • Are not much familiar with SEO and its practices
  • Prefer seeing the results before investing their money in something

Soon after you register for AutoSEO, the website analyzer will send a brief report to you. It will advise whether your website is in tune with the industry standards and what more you can do to improve its position on search engines.

Benefits of AutoSEO

The prime benefits of AutoSEO are:
  • Optimizes Website: It makes sure that your website is more friendly to search engines and adheres to the usual SEO practices.
  • Improves Website Visibility: It promotes your website for relevant keywords and makes sure that it ranks higher on Google when someone searches for those keywords.
  • Attracts New Visitors: With improved visibility and the right promotion, your website will attract more visitors. And, you know that more visitors mean more profit.
  • Enhances the Online Presence: It increases the online presence of your business multi-folds, thus, opening numerous growth opportunities.


FullSEO is an advanced and more efficient way to rank a website higher on the search results page of Google.In FullSEO, the experts at Semalt carry out many types of internal and external website optimizations. They make sure you get more than desired results in a short period.

 Benefits of FullSEO

The prime benefits of FullSEO are:
  • Optimizes Website: It makes sure that your website and its content meets SEO standards. It will enhance the online presence of your business, thus making it more famous.
  • Improves the Link Quality: FullSEO removes low-quality and unnatural links to your site. It makes sure that traffic to your site comes only from high-quality links.
  • Improves Market Position: FullSEO helps businesses boost their market position and move ahead of their rivals.
  • Fast and Consistent Results for a Long Time: FullSEO ensures that you get results not only quickly but also consistently for a long time.

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO by Semalt is an upgraded approach to help an online business grow and prosper.
In E-Commerce SEO, the experts at Semalt provide you with an exclusive and flexible solution for your business. It helps in promoting your business to prospects.

Benefits of E-Commerce SEO

Following are the prime benefits of E-Commerce SEO:
  • Attracts Clients: E-Commerce SEO first targets transactional queries relevant to your business. Then appropriate promotional plans are made to help your business attract new buyers.
  • Delivers Results: As most E-Commerce stores are not cash cows, their owners expect the money invested in promotions should bring desired results. E-Commerce SEO makes sure their investment brings efficient results in a short period.
  • Ranking for Low-frequency Keywords: E-Commerce SEO makes sure that your website ranks higher for low-frequency keywords as well. It is because people searching with low-frequency keywords often make a purchase when they reach the right online store.
  • Niche Analysis: The e-commerce and SEO experts at Semalt do a competitive analysis of your business niche. They collect the information and use it to set up the most effective approach for the success of your online business.


It is an advanced analytics tool that helps you monitor what is happening in the market. It also lets you track the position of your rivals.
The Website Analytics tool of Semalt gives you:
  • Keyword suggestions for relevant commercial phrases
  • Daily tracking of your website on search engine
  • Popularity rate of your business
  • The facility to watch and figure out the position of your keywords
  • The facility to research and study the search engine rankings of your rivals  

Benefits of Analytics

The prime benefits of Website Analytics tool are:
  • Monitors Website Position: This tool helps in finding the position of your business in the market. The information it provides lets you figure out the positive and negative factors influencing the rank of your site.
  • Monitors the Position of Competitors: This tool from Semalt also exposes the details of your rivals. You can use the information it provides for your benefit.
  • Helps in Discovering New Markets: The data it gains after the analysis of your business helps in finding new growth opportunities in new markets.
  • Converts the Data into Presentable Formats: You can save all the data provided by this tool in the form of PDF and Excel files.


A site starting with HTTPS is safe, Google-friendly, and attracts more visitors. Semalt offers SSL certificates to secure a website and make it less vulnerable to attacks.


Free SEO Consultation

Semalt offers free SEO consultation where its experts identify SEO issues with your site and provide recommendations to boost its online presence. 

So, these services from Semalt makes sure that your online business achieves great success in less time.

Semalt Success Stories

These stories are all about the successful journeys of clients. Some clients go for a single service, some opt multiple, and some go for a free SEO consultation before making the final call.

AutoSEO Clients Reviews

When it comes to AutoSEO, more than 5,000 websites have grown with Semalt. To check on your own, go to the Semalt Success Stories page. Here, you can filter these sites according to industry and regions.

Client Testimonials

Numbers say it all, or in the case of Semalt, customers say it all. You can visit its Client Testimonials page and go through 33 video testimonials and 146 written testimonials. Just find out how it has helped hundreds of clients in improving their online business.

Clients SEO Cases

Do you want to feel the success journey of Semalt clients? Just access the Clients SEO Cases page and meet their happy clients who have grown significantly with Semalt SEO services.

Semalt Facts

  • Semalt is one of the few Digital Marketing Agencies that covers more than 155 countries in SEO.
  • There are more than 210 resellers of Semalt services.
  • Semalt staff is proficient in many languages. They serve customers no matter what language they speak.
  • More than 30,000 projects promoted by Semalt are in the Top-10 list of search results.
  • Semalt has a unique recruiting interviewer, Turbo-The Turtle, which is also the symbol of Semalt. It is workaholic, stays in their office all the time. 

The Bottom Line

In this digital world, SEO is the key to success. If you hold enough knowledge about SEO and have time to optimize your site, do it on your own.
However, the best approach is to hire the services of a Full-stack Digital Marketing Agency, like Semalt, and let them handle all the internet marketing needs of your business.